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Educational Work

Wulff, C; Master Thesis "Programmable Analog Integrated Circuit w/Table of Content" © Carsten Wulff

Wulff, C; Phd Thesis "Efficient ADCs for nano-scale CMOS technology" © Carsten Wulff Pipelined Schematics

Unpublished Works

Wulff, C; "An ADC primer", 2008, stuff about ADCs that did not make it into my PhD thesis. This is a rough cut, so there may be some trains of thought that might be difficult to follow.

Wulff, C; "The Universal Design Project", 2014

Wulff, C; "FE8113 High Speed Data Converters: A Summary", 2006.

Wulff, C; "Introduction to Mathematics of Noise Sources", 2006.

Wulff, C; "On Spectral Density", 2006.

Wulff, C: "A Brief Introduction to SystemDotNet", 2005, This has a couple of horrendous errors, for example resent ⇒ recent, spanned ⇒ spawned. But if you ignore these errors it describes systemdotnet quite well.